My career first began while pursuing my Bachelor's degree in Marketing at DePaul University in Downtown Chicago.
After attending a few networking opportunities, I was offered my first sales internship at CityExperiences and jump started my professional journey.
By the summer of June 2019, I became a marketing coordinator on the corporate marketing team where I then found my passion in project management.
Luckily enough by February of 2021, I then became a marketing project manager on a short-term contract project, which continued to spark my interest in this field.
By September 2021, I was then hired on as a Marketing Traffic Coordinator at Realogy Brokerage Group LLC where I led marketing projects across their national team for about 3 months. 
With goals now in mind to build a background in project management in marketing, I am now looking for the next step in my career to help me reach these goals.
Truth is, planning and coordinating has always been second nature for me, but now excitingly enough, I am trying to make a career out of it.
A little bit about where I am from, I was born and raised from a small neighborhood on the Southeast Side of Chicago.
You can say I grew up on the same streets where the infamous "Blues Brothers" jumped the 95th Street Bridge.
With living here majority of my life, this town has always had a special place in my heart.
After attending college, I moved to the North Side of Chicago and I am currently living in the downtown River North / Gold Coast area.
Although I have only ever lived in Chicago, I have always loved to travel and have visited several locations around the world like Spain, Ireland, and France.
Likewise, within in U.S. I have also traveled to just about 45 states except for Hawaii and some of the upper northwest region states.
Next up on the agenda is Italy, but for now I am remaining completely optimistic on my next upcoming adventures.
*A little time-lapse outside my apartment window 
In my life right now, I have my three furry friends Ruby, Aspen, and Freddie. Each with very crazy and unpredictable personalities, but I love them anyways.
Finally, I am huge believer in taking time for yourself. Whether it's following up on a hobby or trying something new, "you" time is irreplaceable.
On my free time, you can find me trying out the next best thing when it comes to food and drinks.
Inspired by the Food Network television show "Dinners, Drive-Ins, and Dives", similar to Guy Fieri, I too love to try out different locations across the city.
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