City Kitty
In December of 2020, I successfully published my first children's eBook on Amazon called City Kitty. Within the first week of launch, it was ranked the #1 New Release in Children's Pet Books and #1 New Release in Children's Nonfiction Animal Books. 
Inspired by my time in quarantine during the COVID-19 pandemic, I decided to use my previous marketing experience to make something uniquely creative. What better way to make a children's book, than by creating a story that is entirely based upon the real life events of my own pets living in the middle of downtown Chicago.
Throughout this time, I had been recently laid-off from a marketing coordinator role and I was really looking for something to spark my creativity again. After doing some research and failing at a couple of other arts and crafts hobbies, I miraculously learned about the children's eBook market and my imagination took off.
I knew if I started my process by first writing various versions of copy, this would allow my story board vision to come to life. Shortly after completing my copy, I found a talented freelance designer who really helped me bring all ideas together.
Once my eBook was complete, I worked with Amazon to secure approval for publishing. On my birthday by complete coincidence, the book was ready for launch.
With the success of this eBook and just the incredible experience making it, I now plan to turn this eBook into an entire book series. Therefore, in the meantime, keep your eyes out for more creative books yet to come.
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