The world was hit with the unexpected pandemic of COVID-19, and tremendously affected the Hornblower Cruises and Events operations. We needed to find a way for our guests to know we were still operating and that we pledged to a commitment called SafeCruise, to ensure their health and safety while dining with us.

Launch several campaigns that would ensure our guests' safety, encourage them to join us on the water, and motivate them to explore their own city with us. This would include using email, web, organic social and paid social content to reach our audience. This marketing material would be advertised across all operating cities that did not have governmental closures.

1.) Had a campaign kick-off meeting with our corporate marketing team, Senior Director of Brand Management, and Director of Regional Marketing.
2.)  Director of Regional Marketing submitted in multiple campaign requests into my project management request queue.
3.) I took the separate campaign requests and created one master campaign with concise step-by-step tasks in order to have our specialists successfully execute our launch from start to finish.
4.) Once I launched the project into an active campaign, our specialists were ready to take on their tasks that were organized according to each operating city.

Monitoring & Controlling:
City pandemic laws were constantly changing by the minute, hour, day, and week, and it was my job to ensure the status of each law stood in line with our marketing plan.
For example, I had to flag whether a city did indoor or outdoor dinning, restaurant capacity limits, confirm closure dates, ensure if we were re-opening for the 1st or 2nd time, and whether operations had to be halted immediately.
Therefore, I had designed a master excel sheet to share with all marketing managers at any given time to display up-to-date information about all city governmental regulations.

We had goals to get our guests to safely cruise in operating cities, and they did.
All marketing teams successfully launched their pieces of advertising material across all markets that were open for operation.

*This is a partial glimpse of what our SafeCruise email included.

"Explore Your Own City" Campaign
"Explore Your Own City" Campaign
"SafeCruise Commitment" Campaign
"SafeCruise Commitment" Campaign
"Join Us On The Water" Campaign
"Join Us On The Water" Campaign

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