The Valentine's Day 2020 campaign was going to be the first initiative that the legacy Entertainment Cruises and Hornblower Cruises and Events brands were merging together as one. We needed two goals to be reached: first we needed to ensure that our guests who were familiar with Entertainment Cruises knew that we were now transitioning into Hornblower; second we needed existing Hornblower guests to know we were now expanding our operations.

To launch our Valentine's Day Campaign and announce the migration between Entertainment Cruises and Hornblower Cruises and Events, we would send out a series of emails, update our web pages, and post on social platforms.

1.) Had a campaign kick-off meeting with our corporate marketing team, Creative Director, and Director of Brand.
2.)  Director of Brand submitted in the campaign request into my project management request queue.
3.) Planned the campaign tasks accordingly for our specialists to successfully execute our launch from start to finish.
4.) Launched the project into an active campaign and our specialists were ready to take on their tasks.
5.) Kept up with the communication between all stakeholders as this specific project went through numerous amounts of changes and proofs.

Monitoring & Controlling:
Both legacy Entertainment Cruises and Hornblower Cruises and Events marketing teams had different visions to approach the email portion of this launch. One team wanted animated artwork and another team wanted live artwork to be included as the hero image for the emails. Collaborating the two visions together required a handful of communication and proofing, however, we were able to launch some A/B testing to see which direction was the most effective approach.
In addition, although we were ready to combine both of our brands together, we still had two separate websites to operate. Therefore, we needed to ensure the information going on both websites for Valentine's Day was accurate and consistent.

We successfully launched both the news of Entertainment Cruises joining Hornblower and the promotions for our upcoming Valentine's Day cruises throughout our email, web, and social platforms.

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