This was my first major holiday campaign that I was taking the lead in project management. I had to coordinate initiatives for email, web, and social content to assist in launching our 2019 New Year's Eve Campaign.

We would launch the New Year's Eve campaign with a series of emails, update our web pages, and post social content.

1.) Had a campaign kick-off meeting with our corporate marketing team, Creative Director, and Director of Brand.
2.)  Director of Brand submitted in the campaign request into my project management request queue.
3.) Planned the campaign tasks accordingly for our specialists to successfully execute our launch from start to finish.
4.) Once I launched the project into an active campaign, our specialists were ready to take on their tasks.

Monitoring & Controlling:
Each city had different product offerings so we had to ensure the marketing artwork aligned (i.e., firework show, no firework show, family cruise, adults only, & more).
In addition, these product offerings were being marketed on both legacy Entertainment Cruises and Hornblower Cruises and Events web pages. We needed to ensure the information displayed on both website platforms were accurate and consistent.

We successfully launched the New Year's Eve campaign across all cities fleet wide.

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