Entertainment Cruises was acquired by Hornblower Cruises and Events, and during our rebrand launch, we needed to ensure that our ticket booth and office signage across the fleet fell in line with our new brand guidelines.

During phase 1 of our rebrand, we had the goal to slowly start familiarizing the Hornblower brand name into the legacy Entertainment Cruises brands (i.e., Seadog, Odyssey, Spirit, Private Yachts, and etc.). This would be achieved by adding "by Hornblower", at the end of each of the original existing brand names.

1.) The phase 1 rebrand approach was launched by our VP or Marketing, Director of Brand, and Creative Director.
2.) Partnered with each city across the fleet to confirm the quantity of signage pieces that needed updating throughout all ticket booths and offices.
3.) Gathered signage price quotes and created a master excel spreadsheet to keep information categorized by city.
4.) Collaborated with designers to mock-up what the rebranded signage could potentially begin to look like.
5.) Put together all information received into a PowerPoint Presentation to launch to our executive team to discuss vision and budget.

Monitoring & Controlling:
Each city had similar, yet very different, pieces of signage that needed brand updates. Office signage had little to no restrictions in making changes, however, the ticket booths typically had to abide within certain city policies. We had to ensure since our ticket booths were mostly on public city property, that branding regulations and guidelines were being met (i.e., Chicago Navy Pier ticket booth signage had to fall within a certain size, theme, and color).

All ticket booth and office signage mock-ups and price quotes were completed, and the presentation was ready to be delivered to our executive team. However, the impacts of COVID-19 started to begin only days within the completion of the presentation and due to the these circumstances, this launch was placed on hold.

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