At Hornblower Cruises and Events, our marketing and sales teams did not have a single easy process to gain access to marketing collateral. Whether this would be material for recruiting, tradeshows, giveaways, or company apparel, different teams had countless amounts of vendors to keep up with.

Create a single internal store where employees could have easy access to purchase company branded products for any occasion.

1.) Found a vendor who could make this vision come to life and confirmed timelines and processes in order to activate the internal store.
2.) Collaborated with marketing managers, sales team, and Creative Director to compile a list of products that would be beneficial to add to the store.
3.) Coordinated with the vendor to organize a proof for about 80 products that could potentially be added to the store.
4.) Proposed these products to our Creative Director to confirm any changes needed with the branding or updates on product choices.
5.) I launched the store on our weekly marketing call across the entire fleet.

Monitoring & Controlling:
Throughout this process, we had to ensure the internal store was easily accessible to any employee. Therefore, I partnered with our vendor and IT team to merge processes together within our SSO (Single Sign-On) platform. Once completed, I created a step-by-step guide on how to navigate throughout the store.

The store was successfully launched right before the winter holidays, and the marketing and sales teams were able to effectively use the store immediately. The internal store not only reached our marketing and sales teams, but it managed to become accessible to any employee across the entire fleet.

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